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11 Micro-optimisation Tips for Skyrim’s Scripting Language

17 minute read

The Papyrus scripting language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is somewhat notorious in the game’s large community of third-party mod developers and users for performance-related issues (though there are also plenty of misconceptions, and it’s not necessarily as bad as many people think). There are already many relat...

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Ludii Pre-Release

2 minute read

Ludii is a new general game-playing (GGP) system, of which an early pre-release version has been published today. The system comes with a wide range of built-in games, and may be interesting for game-playing enthusiasts to simply play games! Ludii’s new game description language tends to lead to game descriptions th...

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The General Video Game Agent ‘‘MaastCTS2’’

13 minute read

This post provides an informal description of my MaastCTS2 agent for General Video Game Playing. It participated in the Single-Player and Two-Player tracks of the GVG-AI Competition in 2016. The results can be found here. MaastCTS2 ended up winning the Single-Player track, and was the runner-up in the Two-Player tra...

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