Welcome to the personal webpage of Dennis Soemers! You'll find links to pages with more detailed info on me in the top-right corner. Below here, you'll find a list of ''blog posts''. This list will probably be rather short (I only write something if I actually have something to say). These posts are likely to be related in one way or another to (my) research in Artificial Intelligence.


  • The General Video Game Agent ''MaastCTS2''

    This post provides an informal description of my MaastCTS2 agent for General Video Game Playing. It participated in the Single-Player and Two-Player tracks of the GVG-AI Competition in 2016. The results can be found here. MaastCTS2 ended up winning the Single-Player track, and was the runner-up in the Two-Player track. The source code of the agent can be found on github. This post is intended to shortly describe the main techniques used by the agent in an informal manner.

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